Enable high-precision programming for Swiss-type lathes and turn-mills

Why PartMaker?

PartMaker was developed for Swiss lathes and supports the techniques commonly used by Swiss programmers.

  • Precision programming gives you fine control over your machine and provides clarity during the programming of turning with live tooling.
  • Swiss specific functionality gives you several options to manufacture your parts based on your available tooling and batch size.
  • Quick process synchronization automatically inserts wait and queue codes into your NC programs for an efficient cycle time, with minimal effort.

Expert Knowledge

NexGenCAM has strong in-house knowledge of programming and implementing software for Swiss lathes through established relationships with many machine tool manufacturers. This helps to ensure our post-processors generate accurate NC code for your machines. Due to this focus, many leading users of Swiss-type lathes have chosen to standardize with PartMaker.

Greater Flexibility

PartMaker is available as part of FeatureCAM® Ultimate, bringing together technology to deliver our highest level of capabilities for production machining. This single package includes:

  • PartMaker software for high precision programming for Swiss-type lathes.
  • FeatureCAM software for automated CNC programming.

FeatureCAM Ultimate gives you access to the best of both. You can choose between using either PartMaker, FeatureCAM or a combination of the two to suit your needs and preferences.

Customer Success Stories