Factory Design Utilities

Available as part of the Autodesk® Product Design Collection, Autodesk® Factory Design Utilities is an interoperable 2D and 3D factory layout and optimization solution to design and communicate efficient layouts, by creating a digital model of your factory.

Valuable Insight

Factory Design Utilities helps you quickly evaluate multiple what-if layout scenarios to determine the best solution before any equipment is installed. It provides tools to visualize and communicate immersive layout proposals in 3D. This avoids the need to use multilayered 2D drawings, which can be difficult to interpret.

Factory Design Utilities

Why Choose Factory Design Utlilities?

  • Communicate design intent with 3D layouts to win more bids.
  • Avoid installation issues by identifying equipment clashes and space constraints.
  • Accommodate change requests in a 3D visual layout environment.
  • Simulate manufacturing processes to identify potential bottlenecks.
  • Improve team collaboration when managing changing product lines.
  • Improve factory design efficiency by automating repetitive manual tasks.
  • Save time on tape measurements by using laser scanning.
  • Automatically update 2D drawings and the 3D layout if the layout changes.
  • Avoid digital asset creation by using a supplied library of factory assets.
  • Use standardized toolsets that are easier to install, configure, and support.