CAM Testimonials

  • “This is exciting. I'm an engineer not a machinist but I've made many parts with HSMWorks”

    Jim Rust, Whirlwind Propellers
  • “I was blasting aluminum like water from a garden hose and
    the tool was totally happy.”

    Mike Ampela, Spectrum Research Corp
  • “HSMWorks is amazing. I can't tell you how much time it has saved me.”

    Ravindra Deonauth, City College of New York
  • “We made our first part within an hour. We are honestly blown away by how
    much better your software is.”

    Gregory Hall, Stanford University
  • “The cool thing is how quiet it runs with chips just pouring out.
    No squeal or chattering drama.”

    Matt Bartlett, Signature Science
  • “The interface and integration is awesome!”
    Matt Spencer, Mega Tool
  • “I've seen the rest of the competition now and
    none compare to HSMWork's ease of use.”

    Bob Simon, Quality Machine
  • “I'm loving this software. Adaptive Clearing is probaby the
    best thing I have ever seen in the CAM World.”

    Ted Karagias, American Rifle Company
  • “If I had not seen the HSMWorks logo I would not have known it was not SolidWorks”

    Brenden, S&S Plastics

HSMWorks Success Videos

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Inventor HSM Success Videos

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Poriferous making cranial implants in-house with HSM

Kalitta Motorsports racing to the finish line with Adaptive Clearing

Advanced CAM Success Videos

High-efficiency FeatureCAM toolpaths reduce costs for Precinov

D&D Engineering reducing turnaround times with FeatureCAM

Astro Medical machining precision medical parts with PartMaker

Cavalier removes metal efficiently with PowerMill 5-axis machining

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their business succeed