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Robotmaster Technology

Make robot programming simple and fast with Robotmaster v6 CAD/CAM software. No more teaching points or hand programming; simply use CAD/CAM to program the robot's desired trajectory and validate with virtual simulation. Learn more and request a quote below.

Notable Features:

  • Intuitive graphic aides for moving the robot, part, or program points
  • Point editing to modify coordinates or define process-specific settings
  • Selectable operation list to toggle paths on/off
  • Workspace checking integrated with robot simulation for troubleshooting and analysis
  • Rotary optimization for enhanced rotary axis control
  • Program optimization to maximize dexterity, avoid joint limits, and ensure fluid motion
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Applications of Robotmaster Software

  • Use for routing, cutting or other types of trimming applications.
  • Generate programs to deburr rough edges of gears and other machined parts.
  • Program robots for painting, spraying, laser cladding and thermal projection applications.
  • Use for sanding, polishing and grinding applications with variety of tools.
  • Easily generate deflashing and compliant knife trimming applications.
  • Create welding programs for arc-welding robots.
  • Mill parts of any complexity.
  • Create programs for dispensing adhesives and seals.
  • Program robots on linear rails or parts on rotary tables.
  • Use for programming part to tool applications.

Product Videos

Deburring With Robotmaster

Generate programs to deburr the rough edges of machined parts for smooth edges and surfaces.


Optimization tools control robot posture and produce accurate programs, entirely off-line.

Plasma Cutting Pipes

Powerful tools for total control and easy, error-free programming of the robot and external axes.