Using Toolpath Fillets

Enabling fillets on a parallel finishing toolpath will primarily affect corners perpendicular to passes:

No30 image-0002

Parallel toolpath without fillets.

No30 image-0003


Parallel toolpath with fillets, radius = 4.0mm.

HSMWorks allows for creation of smoother toolpaths by filleting the surfaces automatically. This prevents the machine control from slowing down in sharp corners, at the expense of leaving a bit of extra material in these corners.

To use the fillet feature, enable it in the property page, and specify the filleting radius:

No30 image-0001

Enabling toolpath fillets.

The fillets option is available on all surface based 3D strategies, with the exception of Adaptive Clearing, where the minimum cutting radius parameter (as explained in the previous tip) provide a similar feature.

For a contour finishing operation, the fillets vertical corners:

No30 image-0004

Contour toolpath without fillets.

No30 image-0005

Contour toolpath with fillets, radius = 4.0mm.

Note, that smoothening in this way will leave more stock than specified by the Radial Stock To Leave and Axial Stock To Leave parameters. Therefore you should never choose a fillet radius larger than necessary, and be aware that you may need to remove the left material with an extra operation using a smaller tool.

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