Reducing Retracts With the Stay-Down Distance Parameter

HSMWorks allows you to control when you want to keep the tool down, and thereby reducing the number of retracts, using the Stay-down Distance parameter, found in the Linking group on both 2D and 3D roughing strategies and the horizontal finishing strategy:

No43 image-0001

The Stay-down Distance Parameter

Enabling Keep tool down, and regenerating the toolpath operation show above, gives the following result:

No43 image-0002No43 image-0003

A 2D Pocket toolpath with a "short" and a "longer" Stay-down Distance.

Note that on the 2D Pocket strategy you enable the "Keep tool down" option to show the Stay-down Distance parameter. On the remaining strategies, keep tool down is always enabled, but can be set the Stay-Down distance to 0 to disable keep tool down.

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