Feed Optimization

HSMWorks provides various methods for handling sharp corners in the toolpath, one of these is the ability to lower the feed rate in sharp corners, by means of the Feed Optimization options.

To enable feed optimization, enable the Feed Optimization option on the Passes tab.

No200 image-0001



Maximum Directional Change
Specifies the maximum angular change allowed before the feedrate is reduced.

Reduced Feed Radius
Specifies the minimum radius allowed before the feed is reduced.

Reduced Feed Distance
Specifies the distance to reduce the feed before a corner.

Reduced Feedrate
Specifies the reduced feedrate to be used at corners.

Only inner corners
Only reduce the feedrate on inner corners.

No200 image-0007

A Contour Finishing toolpath with Feed Optimization enabled for inner corners.
The reduced feed is highlighted with a dark yellow color.

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