Corner Rounding for 3D Contour

No152 image-0002
Comparing sharp and smooth corners

HSMWorks 2011 introduced a new feature for rounding inner corners for the 3D contour strategy. This feature is used to avoid sharp corners and allows machining with higher feeds. The user specifies the minimum cutting radius directly and the passes are then rounded to ensure that no sharp corners occur below the given radius. Minimum cutting radii up to the cutter radius are supported.

No152 image-0001

Specifying 'Minimum Cutting Radius'

This feature can be used together with the smoothing filter to get circular motion at the corners instead of linear motion.

If a cavity becomes too small for the requested rounding the remainder of the cavity is automatically skipped.

When using this feature you will get some left over material which for instance can be machined with the pencil strategy if required.

No152 image-0002

3D Contour with sharp corners

No152 image-0003

3D Contour with "smooth" corners

No152 image-0004

Comparing sharp and smooth corners

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