Adaptive Clearing Shallow Areas

No131 image-0005

HSMWorks 2010 introduces support for shallow area machining in Adaptive Clearing.


Shallow area machining detects shallow areas on the model and inserts additional stepdowns to provide a better finish of the shallow area.

No131 image-0001

Shallow Area parameters

When enabled, the shallow area machining is controlled by two parameters:

No131 image-0002Minimum Shallow Stepdown

This parameter controls the minimum allowed stepdown between the extra Z-levels. This parameter takes precedence over the maximum shallow stepover.

No131 image-0003Maximum Shallow Stepover

This parameter controls the stepover used to detect areas where extra Z-levels should be inserted. If the normal stepdown results in a stepover of more than this value extra levels will be inserted until the stepover or the minimum stepdown is reached.

No131 image-0004

Adaptive without Shallow Areas machining

No131 image-0005

Adaptive with Machine Shallow Areas enabled

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