Fusion 360 Webinar Series

From Napkin Drawing to parts in your hand - Part 1 (Design)

June 24 | 12:00-1:00PM CST

Fusion 360 Webinar Series


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June 24 | From Napkin Drawing to parts in your hand - Part 1 (Design) | Register

Have an idea? A concept that you want to bring to reality? Join us for a two part series on how you can use Fusion 360 as the ultimate tool for taking your napkin designs from bar top dreams to a money making machine. In Part 1 we will explore features to visualize your designs using CAD modeling, meshing, generative design and simulation. A complete walk through from a simple sketch to complex design verification. Don’t miss out.

July 22 | Napkin Drawing to parts in your hand - Part 2 (Manufacturing) | Register

A continuation of our two part series on using Fusion 360 as your ultimate tool to make design to production a breeze! In part 2 of this series we are going to focus on moving our designs to manufacturing. 3D additive manufacturing (3D printing) for prototyping, best practice CNC CAM features from simple 2D toolpaths to complex 5 axis simultaneous machining and even nesting and fabrication. Join us for the conclusion of our series on how we can help you make your concepts come to life using Fusion 360.

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