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"Being able to instantly design and machine all my ideas is an incredibly powerful skillset."

Jan Lucas / Electrophonic Innovations


"Electrophonic Innovations probably wouldn’t have entered the extremely overcrowded guitar market if we didn’t have something that we felt was innovative enough to create our own unique space. Our guitar is unlike all others in that it has been designed to fulfill the dream of nearly every guitarist; that is, to have the amp, speakers, and effects all built into the actual guitar. We’ve achieved this unique design through extensive research and development, and by taking advantage of the new world of CAD/CAM and pcb audio design.

The central feature that allows us to achieve true amp tone is our patented tuned iso-chambering, which is a sculpted hardwood labyrinth that produces cabinet-like sound. The marriage of the acoustics created from this patented design and our custom electronics package has given birth to a guitar that is unlike anything previously seen, heard, or attempted.

We needed a way to build and cut these poplar and alder guitar bodies. After trying and learning SolidWorks, I tried using Mastercam to do my initial cuts on our little 16x24 CNC. For me, it was quite a clumsy workflow. After discovering I could run HSMWorks from inside of SolidWorks, I gave it a go and became a pretty good machinist in relatively short order. Being able to instantly design and machine all my ideas is an incredibly powerful skillset.

I’ve played with a few other CAM programs, but all in all, HSMWorks has evolved into a solid program that gives me extremely controllable and consistent results. It really proved effective when we got our new production CNC, and I was able to migrate upward with virtually zero downtime. Overall, HSMWorks makes my SolidWorks designs look great, and stays true to the SolidWorks geometry.

NexGenCAM's Advanced Support has also been very helpful in getting us through some programming and post-processing hurdles. The great attitude and knowledge of their support team were welcome elements when we were trying to figure out how to get our CAD ideas into toolpaths."