Bridging the gap between CAD and CAM3


HSM CAM software
For SolidWorks and Inventor

Integrated CAM represents the next generation of CNC machine tool programming. Upgrade to CAM that runs inside of CAD to greatly speed and simplify CNC programming. Adaptive Clearing reduces tool wear and breakage, saving time and money. Numerous free standard post processors are available, and custom posts can be made.


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Advanced CAM Software

FeatureCAM, Powermill, and Powershape CAM software for complex manufacturing processes. Translate NC code into parts.

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Increase efficiency with Robotmaster's CAD/CAM-based programing. Eliminate teaching points. Refine robotic movements and trajectories with program optimization. Visualize and fully validate robot paths at the PC, not on the shop floor. Robotmaster has an extensive robot library and is compatible with FANUC, ABB, MOTOMAN, KUKA, STAUBLI, and more.

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We have many different training options, with both online and on-site classes. Custom training is also available

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Custom Posts

Custom Posts

Contact us for custom HSM processors! We can make posts to a wide variety of specifications.

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Browse our free video library and download guides to help you get started using your software.

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