Using Virtual Components For Stock, Fixtures and Rest Material

No34 image-0002When using HSMWorks in an assembly, you have a great deal of flexibility in defining stock, fixtures and rest material since you can use all of the SolidWorks modeling facilities to construct these as individual components in the assembly.

Normally each component is saved as a separate file. This is fine if you are using the component in multiple assemblies, but adds a bit of unnecessary work if the component is only used in a single assembly.

Fortunately, in SolidWorks 2008 SP0 and later, you don't have to save each component separately, since you can now store the parts inside the assembly file as virtual components.

To create a virtual component, follow these steps:

1) In your assembly, choose Insert -> Component -> New Part, or click the corresponding button on the command tab:

No34 image-0001

2) Select the face or plane on which to position the new part.

3) A new sketch will automatically be created on the selected face or plane.

4) Construct the stock, fixture or rest material. In this example we are using a Revolved Boss/Base feature:

No34 image-0002

5) Press Edit Component to return to the assembly:

No34 image-0003

6) For stock or rest material components you may want to make the component transparent.

To do this, right click on the component and choose Change Transparency:

No34 image-0004

7) This new component can now be chosen as HSMWorks stock, fixture or rest material by selecting the component in the feature manager from the respective selection boxes.
8) When saving the assembly, you will be prompted to save internally or externally. Choosing save internally will save the new virtual component inside the assembly, without creating a separate file.

No34 image-0005

If you later on wish to save it in an external file, simply right-click on the component an choose Save Part(in External File):

No34 image-0006

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