Using Jobs and Folders

No23 image-0003

A 3+2 part with a job for each side to be machined.

HSMWorks supports multiple jobs in a document and grouping of operations in folders. This tip explains how to use these new features.


A job defines a number of general properties for a set of machining operations - including the working coordinate system (WCS), the stock geometry, fixtures and the machining surfaces.

Every job is represented as a separate item in the operation manager using the job icon:No23 image-0001 . Any operations located under this item, will by default use the WCS, stock and surfaces etc. from the job.

To create operations in HSMWorks, you will need at least one job. You create a job manually, by pressing No23 image-0002 New Job on the HSMWorks toolbar, or from the operation manager right-click menu. If you do not create a job manually before adding your first operation, a job with default parameters will be created automatically.



Unlike Jobs, folders does not affect the operations that they contain, but is useful for grouping of operations. For example a common scenario is to create folders for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing operations:

No23 image-0004

A 3D part with folders for each group of operations.

You can create a new folder in two ways:

1. Select a number of operations, holding shift or control while clicking on them. Then right click on one of them, and choose No23 image-0005  Add to New Folder.

2. Create a new folder by right clicking in the operation manager, and choosing No23 image-0006 New Folder. Then add or move operations to this folder.
When using jobs or folders, new operations are by default added to the newest folder or job. If you want to add operations to a different folder or job, you can either make that folder the default folder by right-clicking on it and choosing Make Default Folder. Alternatively, you can create the operations by right clicking on the folder and choosing New Operation from here - this will use the selected folder instead of the default.

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