Operation Manager Drag and Drop

nl222 tip1

Moving an operation to a different position in the operation manager.
The black line indicate the position where the operation will be moved to.

The HSMWorks Operation Manager supports dragging and dropping operations, tools and geometry.

Dragging operations allows you to reorder operations within a job or folder, as well as moving operations to a different job or folder.

To drag an operation, press and hold the left mouse button on the operation you with to move. Then drag the mouse towards a different location in the operation manager. Release the mouse button to drop the operation at folder or job underneath the mouse pointer, or at the position indicated by the insert marker.

You can also drag tools between operations.

nl222 tip2

Dragging a tool from one operation to another will update the
target operation to use the tool that was dragged.

Finally you can hold down shift while dragging an operation. Upon dropping the operation on a different operation, you will be given the option to copy compatible geometry:

nl222 tip3

Copying geometry between operations by holding Shift while dropping an operation on a different operation.

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