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Whether in CAM or Racing, Speed Matters! Evaluate HSMWorks today and you just might end up sitting in our VIPER this October!

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HSMWorks 64-bit, Multi-core CAM solution is FAST! But don't take our word for it, see for yourself!

Whether it's on the shop floor or the track, speed matters. Whether you're a prototyper, small manufacturer, or large OEM, you all have one thing in common – maximizing your time and minimizing your costs are critical to your success.

HSMWorks was designed with this goal in mind – make CAM the fastest part of your design and manufacturing process. From integration to post processing performance, HSMWorks is simply the most efficient CAM solution you will find.

But don't take our word for it. Everyone says they're fast right? Request your FREE 30-day trial today and see how fast HSMWorks is for yourself! And, if you purchase HSMWorks by Oct 20th, 2012 you will be entered to win for you and a friend to join the HSMWorks crew at Watkins Glen for the NARRA Championship Series Finale! But, before we get ahead of ourselves, a few quick points.


Because HSMWorks is seamlessly integrated with SolidWorks as a true Gold Partner Product users are comforted by the fact they will find everything just where they expect to find it. Commands in the SolidWorks Command Manager, values in the Property Manager Tree, and everything else right inside the SolidWorks design environment so you don't have to spend valuable time getting up to speed with some outdated and slow interface. Workflow benefits too. Because you don't have to make the metal switch between design and machining you can work faster. This means getting more done in a shorter amount of time. Speed. It's important.


When it comes to performance HSMWorks leaves everyone else in the dust. Toolpath calculation times can range from 20X to 50X faster then the outdated systems some people are still struggling with today. Post processing times? How about 200,000 lines of code a second? That's right. Mold and Die shops and folks who machine a lot of 3D projects know how important posting time is.

And when it comes to performance and HSMWorks speed doesn't stop with a single computer. Want to harness all those cores you paid for? HSMWorks exclusive Distributed CAM™ allows you to use all available cores across your network.

In addition to equipping you to take advantage of all the cores in your workstation or mobile workstation, Distributed CAM allows you to take advantage of all your co-workers unused computing power while they are designing the next hot product or your front office staff is entering orders into your accounting package. After all, changes to your 3D model or assembly might take seconds. Recalculating all the tool paths with traditional CAM system can take hours. That's why you need HSMWorks and that's why you need Distributed CAM.

Don't let those cores go unused, get HSMWorks and Distributed CAM and put them to work – cutting your processing times like you never though possible.

OK, Speaking of Free Rides...
Did We Mention Our Need for Speed Promo?

Purchase HSMWorks on or before September 30th, 2012 and you will be entered to win a trip for you and a friend to hang out with the HSMWorks crew at the NARRA GT Championship Series Grand Finale at Watkins Glen Internation Raceway (Watkins Glen, NY) and watch as Frank Lussier, professional driver and NFS CADCAM (an Authorized HSMWorks Reseller for the Southeast US) drives the HSMWorks NFS Racing Viper Competition Coupe to victory! Don't worry, we'll cover airfare for two up to $500 per person, hotel, and we'll even get you to and from the track and feed you while you're there. So, the faster you get your FREE 30-day trial of HSMWorks the faster you can see how HSMWorks might just be the answer to your own personal Need for Speed and get you eligible to win a trip to Watkins Glen.

Request Your Trial and Start Experiencing Real Speed Now!

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