Machining Different Component Configurations in Assemblies

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Machining parts with different configurations

A very flexible way to machine different configurations of a part is to insert the part in an assembly in multiple configurations.

One of the ways this can be used is when machining core and cavity parts, where the core and cavity is often in the same part file. If you add a "Core" and a "Cavity" configuration, where the unrelated solid and surface bodies are suppressed, you can easily set up a job in an assembly containing both core and cavity parts. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Make an assembly from the core/cavity part
  • Make a copy the initial component
  • Right-click on the copy and choose "Configure Component"

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  • Choose the configuration that you want to use from the "Modify Configurations" dialog.


Using this method you can set up machining jobs on parts with different configurations.

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