Transferring HSMWorks License Between Computers

It is easy to move an HSMWorks license from one computer to another. Before beginning, locate the activation code you received when you first purchased HSMWorks. If you cannot find it, contact us and we will resend the code to you.

Before installing HSMWorks on the new computer, select CAM, Licensing, Deactivate License...


This will force HSMWorks to check our server and deactivate your license, freeing it up so it can be activated on another computer. Next, install HSMWorks on the new PC and enter the activation code when prompted.

With this approach, there is no intervention required on our part and you can transfer the license as often as you like. If your computer has crashed or you forgot to deactivate HSMWorks and no longer have access to that computer, you must contact us to reset your license. We do this from a console at our office and will try to respond over weekends and holidays, but expect license resets to take longer if you contact us outside of regular office hours.

Network License Manager Users: If you are moving the Network License Manager (NLM), you must deactivate the NLM, not just the license on the computer running HSMWorks.

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