Creating Fixed Planes

HSMWorks 2010 R2 introduces as new way to easily create fixed planes from the current view. This feature is often convenient if you have to apply 5-axis indexed toolpath to a model and the exact tool orientation is not important when machining.

The feature is called "Create Plane From Current View" and is found in Helpers menu located in the HSMWorks main menu.

No139 image-0001

The helper menu.


If you use this feature often then you might prefer to bind a key combination to the command from the customization dialog available from the Tools menu.

No139 image-0002

The user interface customization.

The command is listed under the HSMWorks category under Helpers.

No139 image-0003

The keyboard setup in the customization dialog.

Once you have bound a key combination to the command you only have to orient the view appropriately and then hit the key combination to create the fixed plane. The fixed plane will be added to the feature tree and works as normal planes created so you can use them for constructing new geometry or to specify the tool orientation for 5-axis indexed toolpath.

Note that the fixed plane created doesn't move when you modify the part/assembly geometry. Also keep in mind that you can add fixed planes even while editing an operation which can then be selected immediately as the tool orientation. Just select the fixed plane from the feature tree in the model view once it has been created. Any fixed planes created during edit of an operation will not be removed again automatically if you cancel the edit.

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